.. by wearing a piece of Christian Zane jewelry, you’re gifting it with a new story - one of your own making.

It is our hope that this story will be filled with moments to treasure.

Μeticulously detailed jewelry creations with a 40-year history, handmade in Milan.

At the intersection of classic design and contemporary compositions, Christian Zane is creating jewelry that highlights true style. Utilizing eclectic materials and the properties of light, his creations aim to direct the gaze and start a conversation… the same way make-up techniques have been used to accent facial features throughout the ages.

Christian Zane carries with him a family legacy that dates back to the ‘70s. His father, a goldsmith himself since the age of 16, was a source of inspiration and played an integral part in Christian’s artistic development.

“I was brought up always having jewelry around. Every day after school, I would visit my father’s atelier, where I got to soak up all the intricacies involved in jewel making: the colors, the textures, the techniques — even the scents of all the materials around me. This is where I was raised to the values of true craftsmanship.”

Christian’s influences are deeply rooted in olfactory memory (what he lovingly calls, “the perfume of the workshop”) as well as in the ancient gestures of craftsmanship, handed down through generations. But the designer also believes that an integral part of jewelry making, or any artistic endeavor for that matter, is carving your own path. As such, in 2017 he started his own eponymous fashion jewelry label, Christian Zane, in Milan.

The Christian Zane brand goes beyond the jewels themselves; it reflects Christian’s distinctive take on art and life. Using vintage, and yet untouched by time, hand pressed crystals sourced from small boutiques, as well as more contemporary semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals, the designer is crafting unique jewelry with a distinct flair from his creative homebase in Milan. Each piece is the end result of a completely handmade process; the outcome of thorough research in both forms and materials.

Christian Zane jewels are an exploration of color, of harmonies and balance, imbued with the richness of traditions and nonchalant theatricality.

Being completely handmade, every piece of jewelry Christian Zane creates has its own soul. Like the first chapters of a story, these jewels are waiting to be imbued by the personality of those who will wear them - as for the rest of the story? It will be written by the wearer — whether that’s you, or that special someone you are offering Cristian Zane jewellery as a gift to. And it will be spectacular.