What does opulence mean to you?

For some it’s a Michelin starred, five-course dinner served at a luxurious hotel room with a breathtaking view. For others, it’s a walk-in closet with bespoke, designer clothes and shoes made from exquisite fabrics. And for others yet it’s sleek, high-tech gadgets and furniture that speak of status and success.

But if the last year taught us anything, is that opulence should not be inaccessible or reserved for only those special occasions that happen once or twice in a lifetime. Instead, opulence should be an attitude; a choice.

That’s where statement jewelry comes in. Bold, editorial pieces that consciously and playfully express your sartorial sensibilities… even if you’re having an “ordinary” day at home. Because no day, really, is ordinary when you’re living it unapologetically.

So dress up! Make all these seemingly mundane moments shine! And use some of our latest Christian Zane creations as anchor pieces to declare your intention to always seek the opulence in the everyday. Here’s some ideas to get you started:


Embrace eclectic influences

Gone are the days where we felt obliged to adhere to one style from head to toe — or to one decade, for that matter. If you’re yearning for the elegance of the past but refuse to sacrifice the dynamic lines found in modern day ensembles, a pair of artfully designed earrings that nod to vintage styles like our ‘Gaia’, can be your eclectic accomplice.

Observe how the drop silhouette of the Gaia earrings sways, catching the light with every movement: this dance of vintage crystals and electric modernity will elevate even the simplest outfit and galvanize even the most neutral of moods.

Who said you can’t step into the past and into the future simultaneously?


Make your own paradigm

Spending a lot of time at home can be a wonderful opportunity to explore your own creativity. Who are you, when no one is looking?

Don’t resist the temptation to be extravagant; to be silly; to be audacious. Treat yourself with the same courtesy you’d treat an esteemed dinner party guest: dare to dazzle, to wear clashing patterns and cocktail rings and be passionate about your opinions.

Handcrafted from 18k gold plated brass, the conversation starter ‘Katerina’ ring is set with stunning hand-pressed emerald crystals and surrounded by glittering Swarovski navettes that will add a dose of radiance to your day to day. You are your own guest of honor in this cocktail party, after all.

Romanticise the everyday

The greatest love affair you’ll ever experience should be with yourself first and foremost. And you don’t have to wait for an anniversary or a special occasion to celebrate it. Don that dress that exudes femininity and grace. Gather your hair into a sophisticated updo and allow a pair or romantic earrings to set the tone.

Inlaid with Swarovski stones and a rich gold crystal centerpiece, the Luissa earrings are the ideal embodiment of old-Hollywood elegance for when you want to fall in love with your inner film star. Because you know she deserves nothing less.

At the end of the day, opulence is a state of mind!